Our Unique Hay Squeeze Offers Unmatched Speed & Durability!

“Faster operation, grips better, straightens and dresses faster. Good for breaking down blocks.”

- Martinez Hay & Feed, Lincoln, CA

The Higginbotham Hay Squeeze represents the first major advancement in the last 40 years in the hay bale handling industry! With structural integrity far exceeding the industry standard, clients come to us because they recognize the quality and capability & value of our advanced hay squeeze. The design changes are subtle, and yet they provide greatly enhanced performance and durability. And, our volume assures the lowest price.

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Our Products

Hay Squeeze

Unequaled Speed, Unmatched Durability, Better Clamping Force Distribution & More Confident Bale Handling means Faster Loading and Unloading.

Low Bed Trailer

Now there is a better way to move your hay squeeze from job to job. Our custom HMI low bed trailers come with a back-in cable to secure the load while simply driving it on the trailer.

Reconditioned Lift Trucks

If you need a lift truck and hay squeeze, we sell reconditioned units in a variety of capacities. We usually have some units in stock, or we can fulfill your order with quick turnaround.

Feed Store & Small Bale Clamps

If you run a feed store, feed lot or other operation handling pallet-sized bales or for loading sea-land or shipping containers, the HMI Small Bale Clamp is the perfect choice.

Call for Expert Advice

We will help you spec the best lift equipment and hay bale handler for your specific application