HMI Low Bed Hay Squeeze Trailers: An Economical and Efficient Way to Haul Your Hay Squeeze or Lift Truck

Now there is a better way to move your hay squeeze from job to job. Our custom HMI low bed trailers come with a back in cable to secure the load will simply driving it on the trailer. Plus built-in chains and tiedowns make for the fastest, most convenient hay squeeze trailer on the market today. Now there is no need to wear out your lift truck driving it from job to job when our low bed trailer can do the job for you. In addition, our tilt ramp option allows the safe hauling of over-height forklifts up to 16 feet tall.

Some of the key features of our trailers include:

  • 35 foot overall length
  • 40,000 pounds structural capacity
  • manufactured with the finest materials to last a long time
  • built-in tie-downs to secure the load
  • our special design makes it easy to load and unload in seconds
  • our trailer is far more economical than a standard lowboy trailer
  • optional tilt ramps allow hauling tall forklifts up to 16 feet (13 feet without the ramps)
  • the trailer is complete and ready to license upon delivery
  • we can build special size low bed trailers to your specifications upon request