Higginbotham MFG Makes the Best Hay Squeeze Attachment in the Industry!

Hear what our loyal customers have to say about the Higginbotham hay squeeze and how it really works for them in their day-to-day operations. We are confident that no other dedicated hay squeeze or hay squeeze forklift attachment built today can match the performance of our advanced hay squeeze. Our Agile Arms alteration is sure to be the future direction of the entire industry. But don’t take our word for it; let our satisfied customers fill you in.

Faster operation, grips better, straightens and dresses loads better. Good for breaking down blocks.
Martinez Hay & Feed, Lincoln, CA
Loader quick change and single layer capabilities unmatched!
Verboom Dairy, Orland CA
Very happy with after-sale assistance on custom application projects.
McCasland Hay, Bakersfield CA

Higginbotham MFG is confident that the structural integrity of our hydraulic hay squeeze forklift attachment substantially exceeds industry standards. It can handle up to two stacked four-ton blocks in capacity, assuming your lift has the capacity for such work. Don’t have a forklift that can handle that? Of course we offer customized reconditioned forklifts complete with the Higginbotham Hay Squeeze, and we can even customize equipment for your specific needs. When operators experience the performance of our squeeze, it will quickly become their go-to choice of hay squeeze equipment.