Get the Only Hay Squeeze Engineered to Increase Production up to 200%!

Hay bale handling equipment by HMI
Hay Squeeze Specs:
  • Moves 8′ x 8′ Stacks
  • Stacks to 30′ High
  • Loads Trucks in Minutes
  • Durable Design with Replacable Parts
  • Easy 2 lever operation
  • Fork Length: 7′ 9"
  • Max. Opening: 9′
  • Min Opening: 6′
  • Weight: 2500 lb.
  • 3′ side movement for dressing
  • Adapts to any forklift or loader

No other dedicated hay bale handling equipment or hay squeeze forklift attachment built today can match the performance of the HMI hay squeeze. Our simple hay squeeze design operates on fewer control motions to achieve maximum productivity in hay handling. And, our Agile Arms design eliminates arm flex so less travel is needed to clamp a bale, speeding up loading / unloading by up to 200%.

Our hay squeeze provides a much easier and accurate target choice, and new users find that our hay squeeze has a faster learning curve compared to other hay squeeze devices. With such quick and easy operation, our hay squeeze saves you valuable time to help maximize your work efforts.

Some of the key benefits of the Higginbotham Hay Squeeze include:


    • The low profile arms and ridged construction eliminates flex hesitation. This allows for 6 inch less arm Toe-in compared to industry standards. This multiplies to 1 foot less movement per cycle. The increased pressure from a small contact area enables the use of a smaller hydraulic ram. Since there is 3′ total squeeze movement, deleting 1 foot of flex hesitation results in massive time savings. This means a good operator only needs to open the arms one foot, which can result in 200% time savings.


    • Our machine is made with a 2 part welded construction. It does not have a pin assembly which is prone to premature wear. We have 40 years of development history, making this design the best on the market.


    • These surfaces are much larger in our machine: 5 inch square, not 4 inch round. Our squeeze is also designed with replaceable wear pads.


    • Our “Agile Arms” design delivers superior grip, eliminating the need for re-clamping and expediting faster movement without risk of dropping the load. 
    • Standard hay squeeze forks are 10" to 14" tall (vs. a bale height of 15").  Our arms are only 6" tall, so there is more focused clamping force near the bottom of the bale.  This causes the block to bow upwards and prevents concerns about the bottom dropping out.  With other hay squeezes, if you pick a block from up high on a stack, most operators will set the block on the ground to take another bite with the forks on the ground.  The HMI Hay Squeeze eliminates the need for this wasted motion.


    • The grip is concentrated and easier to clamp near bottom of small bales. When handling small bales, more precision is required. Our shallow arm design makes it easier for the operate to achieve this level of precision, and as a result loadin rates are easily DOUBLED compared to the typical bale handling equipment.


    • We can provide a squeeze attachment for all lift equipment! We have dimensions on hand for all popular fork lifts, loaders and telehandlers. Custom designs are also available.


    • Our large volume insures you the lowest pricing in the industry.

After years of testing in the field, HMI is confident that the structural integrity of our hydraulic hay squeeze forklift attachment substantially exceeds industry standards. It can handle up to two stacked four-ton blocks in capacity, assuming your lift has the capacity for such work.

Don’t have a forklift that can handle that? We offer completely refurbished forklifts complete with the Higginbotham Hay Squeeze attachment, and we can even customize equipment for your specific needs. Click Here to learn about Refurbished Forklifts and Hay Handling Attachments.

Or if you run a feed store or smaller operation and need a smaller, less expensive option, check out our reconditioned Feed Store Hay Bale Clamps which will adapt to any small Class 2 or Class 3 lift truck. Click here to learn about Feed Store Hay Bale Handling Equipment.

We also offer a special trailer which is much less expensive than a low boy trailer, and allows carrying lift trucks up to 16′ tall. Click here to learn about the Lift Truck Trailer.

When operators experience the performance of our squeeze, it will quickly become their go-to choice of hay bale handling equipment.